Wednesday, March 28, 2012

I don't think I'll be getting into juicing

When I have a work deadline I like to put a little documentary on in the background and work late. Like real-real late. I was up until 3:30 AM working and watching some documentary called Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead

The funny thing about watching a documentary at 3:30 AM is you get kind of susceptable to suggestions. In the case of this flick, I found myself taken with the premise: Fasting and Juicing at the same time is great for you.

I gotta put this all in context, of course. Asyou may know, my diet mostly stalled out in March. I lost about 31 pounds and then all of a sudden the weightloss stopped...I was feeling kinga bummed that I'm likely to miss my March weight goal of 213....

...and then I saw this documentary where the dude lost over 80 pounds in two months. That's way over a pound per day.

So...feeling bummed I was missing my goal and watching this movie at 3:30 AM where a dude lost over a pounds perday, it got me to thinkin' "Yeah! I could DO that! I could start juicing and lose over a pound per day!!!"

Through a roundabout way I eneded up taking my sister's vegetable juicer home, and bought 35 dollars worth of veggies. Crazy pricey stuff veggies..even moreso when you take only the juice and leave the pulp. I blew through about $20 of vegetable and fruit juice in about 5 hours.

That's pretty much when I realized this fad ins't for me. It's's time leaves me miserable and hungry....and it runs counter to my general weightloss mantra "If I'm not willing to stick to my chosen diet for the rest of my's really not gonna help me long term.

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