Sunday, August 12, 2012

Michigan Crab Boil

There's all sorts of talk about the hunter gatherer diet. I think one of the reasons those guys were so freakin' thin is less about What they ate and that they had to go tromping around through the woods to get it before they could eat it.

I've recently gotten a bit addicted to Michigan crayfish.

Today some friends and I went Up North and dipped a huge pot of big ol' crayfish. Flipping over rocks, walking through the river...

These here are rusty crayfish. An invasive species of crayfish in the Great Lakes region. The Michigan Department of Natural Resources says, and I quote:

A potential control of this aquatic alien may be as close as your cookbook. They can be used for a variety of tasty dishes. Michigan's fishing regulations place several restrictions on the use and sale of rusty crayfish in Michigan.
The DNR says to eat them. So we are.

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