Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Running from the munchies

Can't.............. stop.............. eating today. Resistance....futile.

For some reason my body just wants to cram things into its mouth. We have so many leftovers of crap from the birthday party and the easter and the other birthday party.

I've really blown through the calories today. 1400 calories and it's only 2:41. Holy smokes. I'm to the point of throwing furniture in the way to slow down the munchies chasing after me.

Since I seem to not be able to resist the munchies (I swear, I haven't smoked anything), I'm trying to distract myself from Easter candy to carrots and celery. Thatm seems to be doing the trick.

It's really the tactile sensations of eating I'm after right now anyway I think.

I found an interesting and useful website about "super foods". I really apprecaite the criteria they use to designate things a "super food", specifically that it has to be relatively easy for some schmuck in small town Midwest like myself to get it. You know, things like broccoli, turkey, apples....beans. Stuff like that.

Uh oh...I've been sitting too long! The munchies have found me! Where's my home made sauerkraut? Only saurkraut can save me now!

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