Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Body Mass Index, JUST on the Line Between Obese and Overweight

I'm on the edge. RIGHT on the edge. I'm less than a pound away from being merely overweight. I've lost over 29 pounds since last October and a sight breeze could push me down to my End-Of-February target weight of 220. And then....I shall have a party.

Why did I pick 220?

Cuz I'm six feet tall. And at 220 pounds and at around 24% body fat, my body mass is officially, clinically Overweight rather then Obese. For me, the body mass threshold of obesity is at 220 pounds. You can check out your own body mass index here.

Today my Body Mass Index at around 221 is 30, which puts me JUST at the lower threshold of Obese. At 220, my Body Mass Index will be 29.8 which puts me JUST at the top threshold for Overweight.

This is pretty exciting.

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