Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Losing Weight

I've been counting calories for about three and a half weeks now using this free site:

Everything I eat, drink, breathe is entered in there. Every tiny amount of exercise I do is entered into there.

It's worked so far. But then again so have all the other times I've decided to get down to a more healthy, long term weight. I lose ten to fifteen pounds and then I get abducted by aliens or something and wake up with all my weight back, plus a few more extra pounds as a warning from my body or from alien life forms that I should never, ever try to lose weight again.

I'm pretty sure that's how it happens.

And like any alien conspiracy theorist or bigfoot hunter, I'm going to record the actual point at which I lose control of my weight loss and spiral into stuffing my face with cheeze puffs and beer night and day until I've gained everything back.

If I write about it every day, I'll be able catch the exact moment my body is overtaken by gremlins or demonic possession. And maybe you will too.

Stay tuned. Or better yet...lose some weight with me.

1 comment:

  1. I have been browsing your site. It appears from what you say above that you are counting calories for weight loss. Have you tried any other diets? I lost 100 lbs once a long time ago in a year doing low calorie. I gained it all back very quickly. I didn't like that, so I changed to a low carbohydrate diet and the weight loss was much slower but I have been able to maintain my weight loss with this lifestyle for many years (no problem keeping from regaining). I have lost 125 lbs. and am still needing to do the final 30, but I know I won't regain any as I can and do eat a lot and my body is adjusted to this lifestyle. Perhaps the key is to stick with a plan and go slow to adjust your metabolism over time. 95% of diets don't work (people regain all the weight) and from my experience with low calorie, I can see why. Quick weight loss on low calorie is starvation and your body knows it. Wishing you the best at keeping the gremlins and demons away!