Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Stick to Workouts You Like: Such As Attacking Things With an Axe

I hear it's important to find an exercise plan that you actually enjoy and that's why I've given up running.

I can't stand it.

The whole world of weight loss seems somehow festooned with self deceit. Convincing yourself you enjoy rice cakes. Convincing yourself that fat free dairy is actually food. Convincing yourself that tomorrow you'll do that super-healthy thing, or stop doing that horribly unhealthy thing.

I seem to have an easier time with it when I stop with the lies. And one of the lies I told myself was that I was going to become one of those running guys. For the longest time I told myself I was going to become a running guy. I'd get up at the ass crack of dawn, put on my Speedos and running shoes and I'd run around the neighborhood waving, all grins, at my neighbors. All summer long I planned to become that guy.

It never happened.


Because I HATE running. I HATE it.

It's not the exercise. It's the running.

Do you know what I like? Like splitting wood. I love it. I love to beat the crap out of massive logs with a maul, and hear that satisfying crack as the massive stump finally gives in, the high pitched pop as the smaller segments fly apart. I love bearing down on oak and beech with as much force as I can muster.


Yessir...There really is nothing more satisfying or stress relieving to me than attacking things with an axe.

I hope the FBI doesn't take that out of context.

Plus, chopping wood burns about 600+ calories per hour. And stacking and carrying it takes up about 500+ calories per hour. Not sure how many calories cutting up logs with a chainsaw is, but dang that chainsaw is heavy.

The point is....when you're working out, stick to the stuff you enjoy. Or you'll never do it.


  1. Chopping wood is a great idea! I think running is overrated. I hate it too and will only run if I really feel like it. The key is and will always be diet. Running is just one way to get exercise in. Chopping wood is just as good if not better than running, imo! I wrote a post about it a few weeks ago, in fact. Check it out! http://www.truefitnessfanatic.com/health/cardio-and-diet-to-lose-weight/

    Nate Armstrong

  2. Plus it's fun. And my neighbors are surprisingly understanding, what with all the piles of wood around my house. I think the key to having neighbors who accept your eccentricities is to bring them home made bread and garden veggies once in a while. Then you can make all the racket you want next door.