Monday, December 26, 2011

Back to the Diet: Cheese is part of the Paleo Diet, Right?

Well, that was fun.

I ate food. For Christmas. There. I suspect I've gained back one of the pounds that I workd so hard to kill. Each one of those pounds of fat is 3500 calories. So amazingly easy to put into my mouth. So hard to take off my doughy midsection.

Do I feel some regret? Maybe a little.

Fortunately I'm still on track for my December goal. And now it's time to get back to ye olde diet.

But now arises a new problem: leftovers. Just because I am now seeking my way back to the path of healthy eating doesn't mean there aren't piles of cookies and bags of the traditional Christmas Cool Ranch Doritos hanging around. And real maple syrup. Dammit.

I just have to not put them in my mouth in vast quantities, right?

I should probably go back to my routine of filling up on something like cabbage and hot sauce for breakfast. And on the bright side, we have some fantastic, fancy cheese. Prima Donna cheese and a soft, goaty bucherolle.

Cheese is part of the paleo diet, right?

I'll probably also get out and do some more exercise today. Here's a vid I made yesterday while going out on my Christmas constitutional which theoretically burned about 400 calories.

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