Monday, December 19, 2011

Confused by the Diet Wars? Eating More Veggies is a Safe Bet

Here's an hour-long video of some dude talking up the virtues of low carb, high fat food choices. He makes a few great points. However, I'm looking at two different sides in these diet wars: The Low Fat side and the Low Carb side. One side insists that fat is killing us, giving us heart disease and cancer...the other side insists that carbs are killing us, leading to obesity, diabetes, and plenty of other ailments.

So if you're as confused as I am, take heart. Because the one thing everybody seems to agree is that EATING MORE VEGETABEDLS is a good thing.

In the diet wars, nobody is telling us to put down our carrots, or that cabbage is going to kill us. Nobody is suggesting that broccoli and spinach are deadly killers.

Whether you're low fat or low carb, it's probably a safe bet to Eat More Veggies. Peas, carrots, cauliflour, and my personal dietary staple, cabbage. Cabbage pan fried in butter, I'll have you know. A heap of cabbage in the morning with hot sauce and a sunny side up egg.

Though I admit I went a bit on the meaty side this morning. Two eggs and healthy portion of bacon. And I just ate a carrot. Anyway, enjoy the video:

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