Monday, December 26, 2011

This Cheese Stands United in Favor Of Cheese in my Diet

GAH! Deal breaker. I fold. I'm not gonna be purist on the Paleo diet thing. If I can't have my cheese, I'm out.

No cheese in the paleo diet. No cheese in the paleo diet!

Oh I get your game. I GET it...lure me in with bacon and then SPRING the NO CHEESE on me.

No cheese. I'd give up on the bacon before I ditched my love of artisan cheeses. Cheese, I'll have you know, LITERALLY holds a special place in my heart.

No cheese....from my cold dead cheese...

Sometimes these diets intimidate me. The feel more intense than I'm comfortable with. I feel like I'm like most folks. I'm not out to make fitness into my hobby. It's cool for those who do want to do that. But that's not me. I just want to lose a few pounds and walk away a bit healthier.

I'm not out to get a six pack. I'm not out enter an iron man competition. I'm not trying to do triathelons or pull a dozen water skiing women in bath-caps behind a high powered boat using the power of my own jaw muscles.

Do I want to be as healthy as I possibly can be?

No. Not really.

The quest for perfection is more devout and obsessed than I'm looking for. And that's okay.

I love many aspects of the paleo diet. I love the notion of eating unprocessed foods. Of eating vegetables and grass fed or wild caught meats and reducing or cutting out gluten. But will I be a following that sort of diet to the letter? No.


  1. I too can never give up my cheese! Weight watchers is a great way to lose weight as you can eat what you want and it teaches you PORTIONS are what really count, and almost all veggies and fruits are "free" which is a great mindset to get into! I plan to get back to it once I sprog this baby out this summer ;) My husband has also had great success with it (when I am on track and do his tracking for him that is haha) we are starting out 2012 fat for sure but we hope to end on a healthier note as we have high hopes for 2013 and beyond :D Good luck mister!!!

  2. Good luck to you guys, too. I highly recommend blogging about it.

    So far I'm down 20 pounds. I'm ou to lose 30 more. It gets really discouraging after losing the first 10 pounds, cuz the first 10 pounds comes off really easy. A lot of it is from getting rid of water retension. I think it's important to remember that.

    Knowing that has been a help for me once the weight loss slowed down.

  3. You're up to 20 pounds gone? That is fantastic! As for cheese, never really been a huge fan. I can hardly believe you'd give up bacon before cheese. That is astounding. Parmesan cheese makes me want to vomit.