Friday, December 9, 2011

Dieticians Confuse Me

The world of health and dieting as a sub culture is very very, very very, very very very, very, very very, VERY, very very VERY VERY strange. I admit I'm having trouble adjusting or relating to it. There's all this crazy stuff packaged with the simple mathematical concept that: if your body uses X calories to survive and move around and you eat X+ you'll gain weight, but if you eat X- you'll lose weight.

Eat less, exercise more.

Easy concept.

I can even wrap my mind around the concept of eating regular food instead of, say, Pop Tarts. Or an even better concept, eat food instead of nutrients. Forget about Vitamin A and Phenolyuekariotc-spinonza-braunschwager 3 and just eat a Tomato, already. EASY.

But what I don't get is stuff like this: gluten. And by gluten I mean the protein found in things like bread and a bowl of otameal. Oatmeal! And now the folks advocating eating FOOD instead of nutriets are going back to confusing the issue and saying "DEAR GOD! We didn't mean eat THAT!"

Now...Some folks, they can't eat gluten. Messes their insides up something fierce. Celiac diseaes. Awful. Those folks should not eat gluten.

But oatmeal. Bread! The foods of civilization? The product of the easily cultivated foods that lifted us from a hunter-gatherer lifestyle where we died at the age of 43 and as many women died in child birth as not.....bread? We should avoid bread?

I can't get behind that. Donuts maybe. MAYBE. But only barely.

I'd always understood this simple thing: Bacon will stop your heart immediately, oatmeal will cleanse your arteries.

Then in strides the modern dietician suggesting exactly the opposite.

Who ya gonna believe?

Well I'll show them! I'm...I'm....I'm...I'm gonna eat a whole plate of bacon and we'll see whose heart stops first!

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  1. Haha good points, Fatlessness. It is interesting how people in the nutrition world seem to run in circles chasing their tales. Nobody has all the facts and there's no "perfect" diet. Just don't eat crap all the time and exercise. A donut now and again is not bad.. At least not in my book.

    Nate Armstrong