Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Aha! Take Body Fat Measurements With a Grain of Salt

False alarm. Maybe.

My fancy new body fat scale and I are still getting acquainted, apparently. Yesterday evening the scale told me I had a body fat percentage of 34%. That seemed a bit high. This morning it's saying 28%.

After some research I arrived at this conclusion: When using a body fat scale, use it at a standard time of the day, like in the morning.

As it turns out, body fat scales measure your body density, which can change throughout the day depending on if you have food in your tummy, the amount of water you have in your body at the time...poo. Anything in your body.

So, just like a regular scale, what you're really measuring is a trend rather than exact weight. That cheers me up a little bit. 34% seemed like an awfully high body fat percentage. 28% isn't great, but it's better. So I'm somewhere between 28% and 34%, give or take.

The point is, I still need to lose weight.

Here's a page which has some great information about body fat scales and 10 tips for standardizing your body fat measurements.

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