Friday, January 13, 2012

My New Weight Loss Photo-Update

Today is my birthday, and I'm starting off my own personal new year with a photo-update after losing about 22 pounds.

Old Picture:

New Picture

In retrospect I'm not sure why I've only taken head shots. My FACE hasn't lost 22 pounds. Perhaps I'll take a whole body shot of myself today (CLOTHED...I'll save you guys the horror and do it clothed) and make a comparison to it in a month or two.

Also...I'm not sure why I look so grumpy in my pics. I'm just trying to look normal, which makes me wonder, now, if I always look disgruntled. Geesh.

Also, I normally wear glasses. And apparently I never comb or cut my hair.

Damn. I need to use a mirror more often.

I do clean up well, though. Or at least I THINK I do...... I said, it's my birthday and I'm going to make my three year old take me out to Long John Silvers. Yes! I said Long John Silvers. DEAL wid it homies.


  1. Lovin the before and after photos! You have too lost weight in your face! And neck! Happy birthday brotha! :)


  2. Nice job!!! Happy birthday too!