Monday, January 16, 2012

Dude, Weightloss Seems to be Totally About a Morning Plate of Veggies

Okay...this is worth noting:

If I eat a HUGE PLATE of vegetables in the morning, I'm not terribly hungry for most of the rest of the day. I'm talking a full dinner plate with a mound of fried vegetables for breakfast with a couple of over-easy eggs on it. Huge.

And then, come dinner when I'm finally hungry, I eat just about anything in moderation, and I come in at a healthy caloric intake.

Vegetables are so low calorie but so high volume and filling that it seems to keep me full for most of day.

I had a massive pile o' vegetables with eggs this morning coming in at about 450 calories and I had a very light lunch around 2:00 of 7 tortilla chips and some guacamole and some rice and beans, bringing me to about 750 calories.

At about 6:00, after bringing one of my boys home from daycare I had made him some cookies and we each ate some cookies. I had around 4 cookies, bringing me to about 1100 calories. I had a couple of beers, bringing me to 1400 calories, then I made some home-made pizza and ate three slices bringing me to 1900 calories at 8:00 PM.

And I'm feeling pretty darn stuffed.

Consider that 2100 calories is the intake I need to be 178 pounds instead of 228 pounds and you can see how 1900 calories at 8PM seems prettey impressive to me.

So far as I can tell, the major factor is that HUGE plate of veggies in the morning. It's not like pizza and beer and chocolate chip cookies are terribly low cal. I'm eating them in relative moderation...but still......if not for a low calorie breakfast that keeps me full until after lunch, I could EASILY eat more calories than I need.

Hopefull I can keep this up.

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