Sunday, January 8, 2012

Retractions, Additions, and I FEEL LIKE CRAP! 10 Pounds in a Month is Hard

Well, I stand corrected on the avocado thing. PikkuManda of Twitter fame tells me that PikkuManda, PikkuManda's self has lost weight AND has consumed an avocado per day, and possibly BECAUSE of it instead of in spite of it. However I still maintain that high volume, low calorie foods are working best for me. And they may work best for you if, like me, you are a frumpy, middle aged man with a dimming metabolism, fading energy, and who has been beaten down by the whips and scorns of time and had all the joie de vivre sapped from the grind of his humdrum, empty existan..........what? To much?

Moving right along.

of True Fitness Fanatic fame offered some counter-mayo-clinic information about Negative-Calorie-Foods. At the end of a diary I wrote a few days ago I added a link to a lame Mayo Clinic blog entry that raised the question of negative calorie foods and then ended the post with a shrug and a "I guess we'll never know" sort of let down answer. INCONCLUSIVE, they said. Well...better than the Mayo Clinic in my opinion is SNOPES, a well respected website that was basically doing the Mythbusters thing Before the Mythbusters. And that's where N8Armstrong got his source from.

Celery, according to the Snopes article, is in fact a negative calorie food. Good enough for me.

Anyway...I'm on Day 4 of my trek to lose 10 pounds by the end of January and I FEEL MISERABLE. To lose 10 pounds I need to have a calorie deficit of 1250 calories per day. I've done that for 3 days so far. But MAN I can barely THINK. It's like my mind is all muddled, and I'm hungry all night long. This probably isn't a good thing. BUT! I'm going to do it. I've gone 3 days, I can go 25 more.

I'm a 230 pound fellow trying to get by on the equivalent of 1500 calories per day to reach my goal - more if I exercise, but same difference. I think. There's still gonna be a 1250 calorie deficit.

I'm avoiding the breads and the carby things, more or less, had bacon this morning and a large pile of veggies again. Before bed I fill that void in my tummy with leaves,

....see, I can't even think. That stuff Popeye eats. I eat that.

Anyway, I've publicly committed myself to this and I'm going to do it.

Why did I publicly commit myself to this? Because right now I'm 230 and if I lose 10 pounds I'll be at 220.

And 220 is a milestone for me. I've been around 220 for most of a decade. Sometimes a flabby 220, sometimes a burly 220...but 220. If I can get down below 220, that will be a long-term accomplishment. If I get below that, all other weight loss will feel like a major improvement in my life, long term.

Another thing. 220 is the point at which I technically cross over from the O word (Obese) to merely the other O word (Overweight). I want to get THERE this month.

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