Thursday, January 5, 2012

Warning: Avocados in Moderation

I'm going to stand up and buck some low carb dietary establishment here:

Avocados are not particularly weight loss friendly.

One standard avocado has just about 300 calories in there. Eating a WHOLE avocado is like doing shots of olive oil - gulp, SLAM, gulp, SLAM, gulp, SLAM. And it's so easy to do, because they taste fantastic. I love avocados as much as the next guy BECAUSE they're like doing shots of olive oil.

But if you're like me and you go down the list of examples of good, low carb foods with healthy fats and you say "oh! Here's one with HEALTHY FATS AND it's a VEGETABLE! I'll balance out the meat! I'm going to eat these ALL THE TIME."

I find I'm having more luck with High Volume, Low Calorie (like carrote, cabbage, cauliflower) foods supplemented with fats than I have had with eating Low Volume, High Calorie foods supplemented with veggies.

If I didn't know avocados were basically a beautiful green fat, I'd never know how energy dense they are.

Moderation, grasshopper.

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  1. 300 calories, really? Dang. That's a shame. Because I, too, LOVE avocados. My mother is pretty much the Avocado queen. She makes the best guacamole ever.

    But as far as healthy vegetables go, I hear you actually burn calories eating celery.. I wonder if that's true or not.?