Tuesday, January 3, 2012

This Month, I Lose 10 Pounds. Here I Go

I'm feeling jaunty today. I'm feeling ambitious. I'm going for losing 10 pounds this month. I'm gonna do it! Gonna get below 225 by the end of January. I've got 28 days.

That's a calorie deficit of 1250 calories per day, 3500 calories per pound times 10 to equal 35,000 calories, divided by 28. Oof. That's a spicy meatball. NO! Wait! No spicy meatballs. Well..if they're low carb then it's probably okay. Anyhoo...

Let's see here...gonna do some calculating...that's.....hold on here...that's...

At 225 pounds I'd be going through 2700 calories per day (225 pounds per 12 calories burned per pound per day for normal body functions).

So...so if I eat 2000 calories of food per day that's 700 calories of my calorie deficit right there.

I still need to make up 550 calories per day lost. That's gonna require some....**gulp**...exercise. No two ways around it. Time to pull up the list of calories burned Per Activity chart from the Mayo Clinic. Just about any of these will do it. Maybe not Tai Chi...I'll have to reserve that one for another time. And dish washing...I'd have to do FOUR HOURS or dish washing to make 550 calories according to some other chart. While we do hand wash, I can't say I'm up for a daily 4 hour dish washing sprint.

Hiking. That looks about right for me. Though it's snowing quite a bit, and cold. But it's for the smaller good, right?

Oh hey! Here's a cool article on the Mayo Clinic site: Negative Calorie Foods: Diet Gimick or Weight Loss Aid?

Conclusion...incloclusive. BOOO MAYO CLINIC. BOOOOOOOOO....

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  1. 10 pounds totally doable! You've got this in the bag! This month I gave myself the same goal and I've lost 5 of the 10lbs already... meaning that I had to up my goal. So now my goal is 15lbs. You've got the right motivation, and by the looks of it, you've got yourself in a habit of counting calories and working out, so yay! Keep it up and we'll be 10lbs lighter entering Feb!