Monday, January 23, 2012

Got a New Scale: Some Good News, Some Bad News


I've finally done it. I invested in an actual scale, instead of the spring operated one my tiny wife thinks is sufficient. I was tired of the scale telling me radically different weights several different times in the same 5 minutes.

"You're 230 pounds! You're 235 pounds! You're 232 pounds! You're 240 POUNDS?!?!? GAH!! JUST TELL ME what you want me to SAY so you'll STOP STANDING ON ME!!!!"

My new scale is steadfast in its opinion. I am now 227 pounds!

Yay! That's consistent with what the fancypants scale at the gym tells me.

I've lost about 23 pounds so far. And that makes me crazy happy. Not sure if I'll make my 10 pound goal this month. I ended December at 233. I'm down 5 pounds. For sure I could wring a couple more pounds out of myself in the next 8 days.

But my scale had some unfortunate news for me as well. I got one of them there newfangled (in my house, anyway) bodyfat scales and it tells me I'm at 34% body fat. OUCH.

To get down to an average healthy body fat I'll need to lose another 25 pounds to get down to 202 pounds...which I guess is sort of my general goal weight for this year anyway. So what am I crying about?

Way back in 2003 when I weighed 220 pounds I was about 24% body fat, so apparently I've lost some muscle between then and now.

I need to hit the gym. Or get out and move around more. Or go back in time and be 10 years younger.

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