Wednesday, January 11, 2012

I Weigh Less Than I Have For Nearly Two Years

Today I weighed in at 229.somethingsomething. But who's counting? Other than me, I guess. The point is, I haven't weighed below 230 pounds for over a year and a half, meaning that my current weight is the least I've weighed in well over a year, and maybe two.

That makes me happy. Ive approached the line of 230 before, but never quite crossed below it. I'd lose resolve, lost interest, some holiday would come along, the summer would come and I'm not sure what the hell I'd do because that's when I was supposed to have been exercising more...

...ah wait. I remember what happened this last year.

I had gone to a gym every day for a couple months out of a resolve to lose weight and I lost quite a bit, almost down to 230. That was last winter. And I told myself, that as soon as the weather was warm and the snow was gone, I was going to become a Running Guy!

"YEAH!" I thought "I'm gonna become one of those RUNNING GUYS!" You know! One of those GUYS you see RUNNING at 6AM downt he street with spandex and special running shoes. I'd become one of THEM. So as soon as the weather warmed up I stopped going to the gym.......................but I never ran. I never became a Running Guy. Never had the shoes. Or the spandex shorts. And I never got up at 5:30AM to get prepared to run.

Never happened. Instead, I slept until my boys woke me up...climbed in bed with me and rolled and rolled and rolled until I got up and made breakfast for the boys. And that was my morning over the summer. I gained quite a bit of weight over the summer. Probably in addition to not exercising enough I ate way too much. Too many grill outs with the friends. Too much summer-afternoon Sangria. make a long story short, today I am about 1 pound less thatn I was after working out daily for most of a month.

So...huzzah. After this point it feels like progress...weighting less than I have for years. Pretty encouraging. Just gotta keep it up.

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