Tuesday, January 10, 2012

My Weight Loss Plan Is Easy! Er...EasiER than a Quadruple Bypass

Chorizo Uptade: I survived the 33 cent per pound chorizo. And it was GOOD.

In other news I've been hankering for sweets, lately. At the moment I'm tiding myself over with a can of Diet Rite but not sure how long I can hold out. I did have a bit of avocado and a massive bowl of leaves. Plus some delicious chorizo.

Losing 50 pounds...it's hard. But I need to get through it. I need to get through it and then maintain, and make sure I never go back again.

And sure, it may be hard...but it's a lot easier than a quadruple bypass, right?

Yeah...YEAH! It's a lot easier than managing diabetes. Sure...yeah! That's how I'll think of it. Sure...sure....ugh...this is hard.


  1. Sugar Free pudding is helpful. It's good too! :)

  2. Mmmmmm...pudding. I'm trying to keep the carbs on the low side. Is it carby?

    Wait a minute, pudding is eggy isn't it?

  3. Instant sugar free 6 carbs, 0 Cholesterol + Milk. I use FF which is kinda Carby at 13.