Wednesday, January 18, 2012

A Fast, Easy, Decorative and Macho Hot Sauce

As you may know, I've been experimenting with spicy foods as a way to lose weight. It hasn't exactly been a controlled experiment, but so far I'm losing weight and I've come to really enjoy spicy foods. So I can't vouche for spicy foods as a cure for fatness, but I can vouche for its deliciousness with the added benefit of having very few calories.

Lately I've been cooking with hot and spicy vinegar of my own creation. It's very delicious, and it looks pretty, and it's so definitely NOT a GIRLY thing to do. In's quite macho. So.....shut up.

I found an asian market in my town that sells bags of dried Thai peppers for cheap. I've been cleaning out various glass containers after they're empty (in the case of the picture here it's an empty maple syrup container), then I stuff the glass with dried hot peppers and fill it up with pure vinegar. Then I cap it off and put it somewhere on my gun rack. Yeah. **sigh** By which I mean to say, the piano.

Anyway, it's delicious and low calorie and an easy and fast version of hot sauce.

For actual hot sauce I take the same peppers, grind them in very manly coffee grinder, put the powder (DO NOT BRETHE IT) into a small glass container and mix vinegar with it until it's the consistency I want.

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